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Franjo Kajfež

Franjo Kajfež He was a doctor of chemical sciences, was the owner of 88 patents and the author of 150 scientific papers, maker of the Valium, world’s best-known antidepressant (Apaurin –registered name in Croatia –a paure – against fear). He was a…


Faust Vrančić

Fausto Veranzio (Croatian: Faust Vrančić; Hungarian and Vernacular Latin: Verancsics Faustus) was a polymath and bishop from Šibenik, then part of the Venetian Republic and today part of Croatia. Life Family history Fausto’s uncle, Antonio, engraved by Martin Rota. Fausto…


Giovanni (Ivan) Biagio Luppis von Rammer

Giovanni (Ivan) Biagio Luppis von Rammer (27 August 1813 – 11 January 1875), sometimes also known by the Croatian name of Vukić, was an officer of the Austro-Hungarian Navy who developed the first prototypes of the self-propelled torpedo. Early years…


Slavoljub Eduard Penkala

Slavoljub Eduard Penkala (20 April 1871 – 5 February 1922) was a Croatian engineer and inventor of Dutch-Polish-Jewish descent. “Penkala-Moster” pen and pencil company in Zagreb Eduard Penkala was born in Liptovský Mikuláš (in what is now Slovakia), to Franciszek Pękała,…

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